MAGNET Incubation Center


Member Spotlight - Lisa Oswald from Kay Chemical

Born and raised in Cleveland, Lisa Oswald has always seen the potential in her city.  She did not, however, always imagine herself owning a business.  As an audiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, teaching classes at the University of Akron, a mother of three children, and having a husband with a busy career himself, Lisa was looking for a way to help balance her hectic schedule and family life.  After the birth of their third child, Lisa and her husband started seriously considering their options. 

The Kay Chemical Company, creator of waterless industrial hand cleaner, has been a part of Lisa Oswald’s family for 55 years.  When her uncle was considering retirement, Lisa saw an opportunity to readjust her career path.  Lisa and her husband bought Kay Chemical in 2012 with the hope of not only taking a burden off of their own busy schedules, but also as a way to give back to Cleveland by creating local jobs.  Never owning a business before, Lisa needed some extra help navigating the murky waters of her “new” company.  Attending a meeting at the Garfield Heights Chamber of Commerce, Lisa had the opportunity to talk with Linda Barita of MAGNET.  From this conversation, it became clear that the MAGNET Incubation Center could help Lisa give Kay Chemical a boost and support her with marketing strategies and some critical path decisions to grow her business.   Kay Chemical is beginning to explore new markets where their hand cleaner can serve as a creative new solution!  

If you would like to learn more about Kay Chemical and their waterless hand cleaner products and uses, visit

Rahul Narain