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Member Spotlight - India Gill from Karis Dolls

Moving to Cleveland about five years ago and pursuing a PhD were both big plans for India Gill; she did not however, plan to become an entrepreneur.  Joining a small church in her new city, India became close with a family with three small children.  The children, especially one of the daughters, bonded with India.  When the children’s father passed away unexpectedly, their mother struggled with the thought of explaining this traumatic and life-changing event to her children.  India wanted to help the family who had helped her and decided to use her creative skills to develop a doll that matched her “little sister’s” story. 

With the help of the Women’s Business Center and Jane Conrad, India wanted to give back in a way that would help children who didn’t live a fairytale life like the dolls they already have.  Working toward this new goal has inspired India’s PhD dissertation topic of different lifestyles effecting the children living them.  As a busy student and working as much as possible, India needed some more help with her ideas.  As one of six winners of MAGNET’s 2017 [M]Spire competition, India received time and guidance from MAGNET’s Incubation Center and Brandon Cornuke, VP of Startup Services and Rahul Narain, Startup Associate.  So far MAGNET has helped her with some of her most challenging experiences.  Strategic decision making and planning her timeline have all been discussed and improved through the MIC services.  Her “perfectionist” approach to life has made it difficult to get prototypes out, but the MIC has helped to coach her through the process and develop strategies for a successful launch. 

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