MAGNET Incubation Center


Transform your idea into a growing business


We help make your startup more focused, efficient, and resilient

We want you to learn the most while spending efficiently. Making something consumers can see and touch comes along with some unique challenges. It’s not always easy to know what steps to take without wasting precious time, money, and energy. We work with innovators who face these challenges every single day.

The support that I’ve found at MAGNET is unmatched and I am grateful to have them as an adviser and partner in the ever-changing journey of entrepreneurship.
— Le'Anna Miller, MIC Member

Build products that customers want

Making guesses is part of innovation. But guessing wrong when you’re building a new product can stall your progress and sap your budget. We help you methodically find out where you might be wrong in the fastest and cheapest way possible via experimental iterations. That’s why we help our members pinpoint their critical assumptions and quickly test them with real customers. Here are just some of the milestones that our approach can help you reach:

  • Create a value proposition

  • Validate the market need for your product

  • Build a working prototype

  • Construct a persuasive pitch

  • Create a data-driven financial model

  • Develop a manufacturing process

  • Design a go-to market plan


Boost your resources with a membership

Experienced strategy help

Our staff are seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who know how to get things done. We'll help you on your journey to validate your business hypothesis while spending the least amount of time and money (both with us and anyone else). You'll learn about business model design, lean startup experimentation, and channel strategies. We'll also help you come up with an experimentation plan to constantly improve and gain insights with every iteration.

experts' guidance

You'll get monthly dedicated time with MAGNET's experienced engineers, insurance and liability experts, and other subject-matter professionals to help you isolate exactly where you want to go and clarify your steps forward to get there.

project discounts and physical space

Looking to prototype your next big idea? You'll receive discounts on all of MAGNET's engineering and strategy projects. Need a space to work and experiment with new products and ideas? Give your venture a home in downtown Cleveland! Private offices, parking, and other options are available to you for an additional fee.



Team up with the manufacturing experts


For over 30 years, MAGNET has been helping manufacturers grow and compete in Northeast Ohio by providing assistance with operations, product development, employee engagement, and more. We also support, educate, and champion local manufacturing with the goal of transforming our economy into a powerful, global player.


Lean innovation is the heart of our entrepreneurial program, which means we work with you to prioritize your critical assumptions and design plans to validate them. That saves the two things startups need the most: time and money.


Overall, MAGNET's mission is to help companies grow and succeed by creating jobs and inspiring a manufacturing renaissance in Northeast Ohio. In the last 5 years, we've helped manufacturers create or retain over 3,300 jobs and generate over $270 million in additional revenue.